the path made clear

Review :

Sometimes the right book comes along at JUST the right time and it makes a really good book even better. With a lot of uncertainty and decisions with my current job, this was the perfect avenue to remember that though we don't always have complete control over our destiny, we do have the tools to guide it and make the decisions for our best path and purpose. Nothing in the book is "rocket science" - we all know what we need to do in order to live more meaningful lives. But the way this book is put together is brilliant. Oprah provides the introduction of several pages to introduce the concept of each chapter. She has then compiled stories from famous authors, musicians, actors, etc and ties those in with her words.

I found myself googling those I wasn't familiar with and enjoyed getting to know a little bit about them before reading their contributions. I was touched, moved and awestruck by the powerful prose and the incredible photographs that are throughout the book. I already sent this book to my sister and loaned my copy to my daughter. I told my daughter that if she loves it, she can keep it and I'll order myself another one. This will be a "go to" gift for others as well. I can only hope that those who may not agree with Oprah's beliefs and politics put that aside because to me, this has nothing to do with politics. This is a beautiful collection of ways individuals have faced adversity and how they have made decisions and chosen their paths. I would highly recommend it to "non-readers" - the pages include stories the size of postcards so they will not be overwhelmed by a lengthy book chock full of words.

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