The Power of Discipline

Review :

I read this book as a companion to Eat That Frog, by the same author, Brian Tracy. Eat that Frog is more into the practices methods of success, while this book is more detailed and focuses on the self-discipline in various aspects of life: Personal, Business, and the Good Life. Below is the detailed list of the aspects where Tracy discuss how to incorporate self-discipline into them:

I- Personal Success
1- Success
2- Character.
3- Responsibility.
4- Goals.
5- Personal Excellence.
6- Courage.
7- Persistence.

II- Business, Sales, and Finances:
8- Work.
9- Leadership.
10- Business.
11- Sales.
12- Money.
13- Time Management.
14- Problem Solving.

III- The Good Life:
15- Happiness.
16- Personal Health
17- Physical Fitness.
18- Marriage
19- Children
20- Friendship
21- Peace of Mind.

This book is absolutely a Self-Discipline Bible. It worth reading more than once, well, this is the way to incorporate any change in your life, by practice. And by re-reading this book, to enforce and embed what this book has to offer into your mind and character. It is a very wide and deep content with action exercises throughout each chapter, let it be your self-discipline bible!

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