Review :

"The Practicing Mind" is a short, no-fluff book that offers powerful lessons on self-discipline and better practice.

My key takeaways:

-If you slow down and act deliberately, the results will come.

-Setting goals is a great way to drive yourself forward, but never feel unsatisfied with where you're at... enjoy where you're at, be thankful for what you've accomplished, and know that you're exactly where you should be in your skills based on the time and effort you've spent to get there.

-Mindfulness, discipline, and process will carry you a long, long way.

-Avoid instant-gratification. Too often we think we want the cool new toy, or clothes, or whatever that we see... but very rarely do such things actually contribute to our overall happiness. Happiness comes from within. Also, if we avoid instant-gratification (accumulating things as soon as we're excited about them), and instead wait a while (perhaps save up for the purchase or wait to reward ourselves for an accomplishment) the new thing will be that much more important because it wasn't based on a desire to get something now, but rather something that we earned and truly wanted.

-Always consider the big picture. So many of our 'things' come and go, but by instead investing in 'ourselves' we can accumulate a wealth of skills and expertise, as well as develop habits for a happy, well-balanced, and successful life.

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