The Slight Edge Turning Simple Discipline - Jeff Olson

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> Every day, every moment you're either working towards failure (simple errors in judgement) or success (simple daily disciplines)

> Only 1 in 20 people achieve the success that they want, so most of time what you do will go against what everyone else is doing

> "Failure => Survival" activities can also take you from "Survival => Success"

> Philosophy => Attitudes => Actions => Results => Life

> Simple daily disciplines (little productive actions, repeated consistently over time) add up to the difference between failure and success

> The Slight Edge
- Simple daily discipline
- Easy to do, easy not to do
- Mundane

> Time is the force that magnifies those simple daily disciplines into massive success

> Progression of success: plant, cultivate, harvest

> Difficult takes a little time; impossible takes just a little longer

> Success does not lead to happiness - happiness creates success

> Happy Habits:
- Every morning write down three new things you're grateful for
- Journal for two minutes a day about a positive experience from the past 24 hours
- Meditate daily for a few minutes
- At the start of every day, write an email to someone praising or thanking them
- Get fifteen minutes of simple cardio exercise a day

> If you add just 1% of anything (skill, knowledge, effort) per day, in a year it will have increased 365%

> People on the success curve live in responsibility. People on the failure curve line in blame

> Two ways to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be: 1) let go of where you are and be drawn to your goal; 2) let go of your goal and stay where you are

> Learning by studying (book smarts) and learning by doing (street smarts) are both essential to learning

> On the path to a goal you'll be off-course most of the time. The only way to reach a goal is through continuous course correction

> Choose who you associate with (your life reflects those five people closest to you)

> Path of mastery: power of momentum (going steady), power of completion (clear out undones and incompletes), power of reflection (face the man in the mirror), power of celebration (catch yourself doing something right)

> The way to erase a bad habit is to replace it with a positive habit

> Example Slight Edge Habits:
- Show up
- Show up consistently
- Cultivate a positive outlook
- Be committed for the long haul
- Cultivate a burning desire backed by faith (not just hoping or wishing, but knowing)
- Be willing to pay the price: sometimes you have to quit the softball team
- Practice slight edge integrity: do the things you've committed to doing, even when no one else is watching

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