The Tower of Nero - Rick Riordan

Review :

Whatever happens, I hope that Rick doesn't make another series. I'm a die-hard fan of Percy Jackson, Heros of Olympus and Trials of Apollo. But I don't want these series to keep going past this, because sometimes ending a series is better than keeping them going because nothing is left to the imagination. But mostly, I don't want to see Percy and Annabeth as 30 year olds with Children. For me it will just feel plain wrong. That was the major problem I had with Harry Potter and the cursed child, it didn't sit with me to see the characters I loved so much now old and not having any more adventures together. It felt weird and fake. I love PJ to much to want that to happen. Already, I don't like how Percy now has a little step sister.(it just feels weird, not that I don't love Paul or Sally) And I read another review that said Percy would be in his 20s when the series ends. That's already old as it is. All I want for sure from this book is for a small glimpse into the future when the characters are in the 30s or 40s. A small epilogue and not a book. A sense of closure that still leaves a few things open to debate about, because that's some of the best part. For those that read all of that, have a DAM good day.

***somewhat unrelated side note***
There is a petition on for a Percy Jackson tv show for those of you hardcore fans(such as me lol) that DESPISED the sad excuse for movies that we got. It's so we can actually get a true to book adaptation that's not animated.

If you want to sign it....which you do of course ... just google " Percy Jackson" click on the first one that comes up (there are multiple) but at the time of writing this, this one has over 18,000 signatures and it would be awesome if it could get noticed. I mean even Uncle Rick hates the movies so anything is possible. (Disclaimer I didn't make the petition I just found it on the internet and thought maybe others would wanna sign)

***EDIT*** so apparently the petition is closed but keep talking about it on Twitter and other social media. Hopefully something else will come up that we can sign. If you find something just leave a comment.

Edit #2
#disneyadaptpercyjackson is trending on Twitter... according to some sources I found Uncle Rick is negotiating with Disney for there to be a PJ on...wait for it... DISNEY PLUS!!!! The article I read on We Got This Covered said that they are already making one, and it will be ACTUALLY GOD DAM ACCURATE...yes you read correctly, it will cast actors that are actually twelve and be *faithful* to the books. And the first season will be the first book, so if it does well it will keep going. Just keeping hyping it up guys IM LITERALLY SO HAPPY .
Also as always I'll keep updating everyone
Yes yes yes Rick announced on Twitter a few days ago that there shall in fact be a Disney plus show!!!! And Rick and his wife will be involved with every step!

We did it y'all

That's all everyone, may your day be better than Apollo's poetry.

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