trump the art of the deal

Review :

I have read this book twice. I read it for the second time because I had decided that I would read all books by Donald Trump again. I would say that it was not a waste time. This is definitely one of the best books written on business, negotiating & deal making. I think that Donald Trump has been very candid & sometimes even blunt in expressing his views. But this is the thing most popular about him. He is the kind of guy who does not beat around the bush. He stands for his ideas & beliefs, even fights for them.
Trump initially was only in the real estate business. Like all great businessmen & entrepreneurs he initially only focused on one business & built it into something of great value & prestige. The Trump name is synonymous with high standards & perfection.
In the start Trump sheds light on his parents especially his father who was one of his greatest influences in life. He then writes about his family life & how he was brought up. The Trump children were always taught to follow the conventional & everlasting principles of ethics & morality. He was always taught to be a man of solid character & this thing even transcends into his business. That is why he is so candid & sometimes even very blunt because he has so much confidence.
Trump also writes in details about the huge deals that he undertook in the start of his career. These were very big deals & could bury him if he failed. But Trump persisted & came out successful. He also writes about his day to day life & how he deals with people. There are many useful insights regarding dealing with people especially in the business of real estate development. He gives tips & suggestions which can be implemented for a successful deal.
Overall this is a very informative & even a very interesting book for all those working in the real estate or any other business.

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