Review :

Very deep metaphysical book. As mentioned it is not a lite read; but if approached with an sincere heart and an open mind, this book can be a very powerful aide to a deeper, spiritual/metaphysical understanding of Jesus Christ, The 12 Apostles, and the stories found in the Gospels.

Charles Fillmore explores 12 Spiritual Powers that are inherit in every human being: Faith, Love, Wisdom, Understanding, imagination, Power, Strength, Willpower, Zeal, Order, Life, and Elimination.

Fillmore teaches each of these 12 Powers|Virtues through the story of The Twelve Apostles; assigning each Power to a corresponding Apostle and location in the human body (not unlike the Eastern Chakra system).

My favorite part of this book are the beautiful affirmations|affirmative prayers that concluded each chapter.

I highly recommend this book to any students of Unity, New Thought, or Metaphysical/Progressive Christianity; and to those interested in New Age, Universalism, classic self-help, and Jungian Psychology.

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