UNSCRIPTED Life, Liberty, and the Pu

Review :

I hesitated before giving it a 5 star rating. That rating is rare, and only given to books that excel in writing style, value given to the reader and my overall enjoyment of the book. Unscripted definitely has its flaws, and it is far from being beautifully written. However, I'm going to make an exception with my rating criteria, because everything about this book rings fundamentally different from any business book, or even a self-help book that I've read in the past. Hell, I'd say that this book alone would teach a hell of a lot more to business students than over half of their business degree, and the author accomplishes this monumental task with a dry, yet entertaining sense of humor that keeps you reading (or listening, in my case). Unscripted deserves this rating because of this differentiation, and because I never felt like it was written to just... write a book and get money. It was written to deliver some amount of benefit into your life, and I respect that.

I especially appreciate the emphasis on critical thinking and forging your own path, instead of letting big corporations, academia, the government and overcapitalism (rampant in society, nowadays) dictate your life. Furthermore, as a newbie entrepreneur, it confirmed many concepts that resonated with me, even before I read the book, such as being selfless in your value-delivery to your customers and putting continuous improvement before your own ego. The core message of this book is about giving something of value to the world. That's what's going to make you succeed, and I think it's a refreshing take on the usual "get-rich-quick" genre of business books out there.

Word of warning: the author doesn't beat around the bush. You won't get any prose or "political correctness" in this book. He tells everything like he thinks it is. I suggest you get into this book with an open mind and take the information in strategically, instead of emotionally. Also, it's a long, dense and comprehensive book. Don't attempt to read it all at once. Tackle one concept at a time and truly integrate it into your life.

Or, just settle for the 9 to 5 for the rest of your life, working a job you hate, surrounded by people who have given up, hoping that your 401K is enough to provide a happy and plentiful retirement while Wall Street profits on your naiveté (aka let outside forces control your destiny). But I think I'm gonna pass on that.

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