Use Your Planets Wisely - Jennifer Freed

Review :

In the introduction of her book, Dr. Freed says: "You are receiving a magnificent gift, and with it comes an ethical responsibility. The knowledge in this book will give you what you need to dramatically transform your relationship to yourself and others-a laser-like insight into what makes you tick and into what truly motivates others."
I've known for a few years that we are so much more than our Sun sign. Though I wasn't exactly sure how to understand and work with all my other signs.

Dr. Freed's book has taken care of that. I was astonished at the accuracy of each of my signs within the planets as I read them. She breaks each sign/planet down into what she calls, primitive, adaptive and evolving. In being honest, some of the primitive for my particular signs were difficult to read. But the reality is that they were true.

Through transformational work I've done over the years I've learned to discern and take things such as this as opportunities to grow. Reading the adaptive and evolving descriptions is something I was able to glean how far I've come and also what I can do to become an even better human being.

I really appreciate the psychological aspect Dr. Freed brings to the table with astrology. Her book helps us to see ourselves from a different and much deeper perspective than the simple and often not useful horoscopes that only include our sun sign.

I've brought this book to the attention of my women's circle and hoping we will use it as a monthly discussion and take advantage of the exercises at the end of the chapter. If not, I will definitely be doing it on my own to gain deeper insight.

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