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I *REALLY* enjoyed this book! I didn't actually know much about Michael Strahan before reading it other than my Mom adores him. She watches him on Live!, and I've caught it a couple times when I've been at her house when it has been on. I always thought he seemed nice and funny, but I really knew nada beyond that and that he had been a football player. I didn't even know what team he had played for or if he was even any good. Well, I feel like I know a ton about him now. I enjoyed this book so much. He has lots of great stories and advice for making the most of life and enjoying it. I really liked how respectfully he talks about others in his life, including his ex-wives, coaches he may have had a difficult start with, etc. I also really love how he talks about his parents and the love and respect he has for them. He just seems like a really good guy. I was surprised to learn he is from TX (my home state), and that he was so successful in the NFL. I must have heard his name back when he played but I didn't pay close enough attention. I plan to get this book as a gift for a few people because I enjoyed it so much, and I am going to pay closer attention to Strahan from now on. I highly recommend this one!

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