What I Want You to See - Catherine Linka

Review :

Smart, arty and thrilling! Although she's a promising young artist, Sabine's ambition and insecurity lead her to make dangerous choices.
I'm a huge fan of art crime and forgery novels so this novel grabbed me from the start - and all the way to the end. The plot is unique, believable, compelling and really nailbiting! It's also very true to the artistic process and the art world.
Linka's finely crafted writing reveals her character's vulnerabilities and motivations. We come to understand that, while she was raised in Beverly Hills, Sabine is far from a pampered debutante. As the newly orphaned daughter of a housekeeper to the rich and famous she has no one to rely upon but herself. So when Sabine begins to take matters into her own hands and falls into a web of dangerous deceit, forgery and fraud readers will keep on rooting for her to come out on top.
One of my favorite parts of the books is Linka's description of the painting process and of art school. The classroom scenes and critiques, as well as the students' artist statements seem so realistic (and at times painful) that I felt as if I was perched, watching in the corner of the art studio. This should strongly appeal to those who loved Jandy Nelson's I'll Give You The Sun.
I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in the art world or art school, who like books or movies about cons or deceivers, who like thrillers with a sexy frisson of romance-- or anyone who just loves a very well written novel.

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