When Loving Him is Hurting You Hope and Help for Women Dealing With Narcissism and Emotional Abuse

Review :

A groundbreaking book for Christians in troubled marriages where emotional abuse.

This title is broken into distinct sections. First, you are brought up to speed on what narcissism is (and isn't.) Then you learn more about emotional abuse within the marital relationship. Then, you are walked through a process of healing.

This title covers plenty of good information, including examples from his clients over the years. If I could subtract a half star, I would only because I found myself thinking I would want just a little more. However, I could see how this book is meant to be more for an 'a-ha' moment which then spurs the long-suffering wife to seek professional help from a counselor who respects the Christian faith AND understands the nuances of narcissists/ emotional abusers.

Aside from a woman who suspects this is the root cause of trouble in her marriage, I'd highly encourage anyone working in ministry to consider reading. As the author mentions, many people do not understand emotional abuse and often question if it really exists since there is not the same definitive sign left by physical abuse.

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