who was Jesse Owens

Review :

The other latest book that I have read is Who was Jesse Owens by James Buckley Jr. Jesse Owens came from a small town always running from place to place. He never walked. His only dream was to get into a college which no one in the Owens family had ever accomplished. He then got asked to join the track team because the track coach saw him running all the time at recess and knew the kid had talent. He then beat out all of his high school classmates and friends that were in track. And later went to the Olympics and beat four world records which earned him four gold medals. That's crazy.
I though this book was so entertaining and interesting. The author had a really good way of clarifying everything because when you don't know something very well like the sport track, you are going to need explaining done and I think the author did a very good job of this.
I recommend this book to anyone who likes sports or likes pushing themselves. Also, anyone that may need a confidence pusher. Because Owens never ever gave up. And look where he is now.

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