Why Baseball Matters (Why X Matters Series)

Review :

Jacoby's Why Baseball Matters is timely and gives fans a clear call to action. I highly recommend anyone trying to make sense of the criticisms levied against baseball to read this quick yet well reasoned and researched book.

Jacoby evaluates all of the contemporary complaints against baseball -- games are too long and boring, sexist, racist, dated, and an old man's game -- and puts them in context. She separates the game of baseball from the flawed business of baseball and shows how the game remains true, and illustrates how America's social problems all seem to work its way into the fans' and owners' lives within the stadium, conflating our problems of our times with baseball.

Baseball, in fact, has changed very little in 150 years, and Jacoby concludes why those that love the game need to focus on it and teach it to younger fans.

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