why mars and venus collide

Review :


The cover have explained its content approriately I must say. Just to make it clear, Mars in the title refers to men while Venus refers to women, therefore, the title itself is self-explanatory. Why do men and women fight Its focus, romantic relationship between these two.

It starts by explaining about different hormones that make men and women feel good. Different hormones ---> different needs = different train of thoughts = different ways to cope with stress. I don't know if the hormonal things is exactly true. To be honest, it's overly simplistic, but perhaps, adequate to explain the differences.

The best part about this book is, it doesn't only state the different needs of men and women to feel good but it also explains on how to do it. How to make your partner happy. Better yet, I honestly think the tips are not only applicable to romantic relationships but also to your families and friends. Yay!

I've tested a few tips on my not so romantic friends during this short period of time, I honestly think they work. Give me some more time to experiment and perhaps I shall write an extra notes when I'm ready Deal.

This book is different from many other motivational/self-help books I've read. I mean, have you tried reading any of them Let me give you an example.

E.g. How To Be Successful ; 1. Time Management ; Time is gold. A succesful person always know how to manage time. Many current leaders and of times long gone said their successes are mainly due to proper time management.... (Yada yada yada. They keep on blabbering about the importance of time management, etc etc but they never teach you how to properly manage your time. $+#@-;#+)

This book is different. The tips are practical, logical, easy to do and adjustable according to situations. More importantly, they seem to show immediate results. So, let's not blabber too much. You should really go and get this book.

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