Willpower Doesnt Work - Benjamin Hardy

Review :

I got to know of Ben's writing from when I started writing on Medium in 2015. He was already a top-tier writer back then and I somehow resonated with his ideas so I began following him. He released a free book (Slipstream) in 2016, I read it and I liked what I read. So when he released this book about willpower, I didn't hesitate to buy it.

Having read it in only about a month, I must say I was glued to the idea that everyone can change and that we don't have to keep committing the mistake of attributing everything to ourselves. There's just so many other factors that affect us and one that we must pay attention to right now is our environment.

I think this book is really helpful for making a change in one's life be it in one's studies, works, eating habits, etc. Being in control of your environment instead of being controlled by it is one skill we must all learn. And this book tells us of that and many more.

I also like the stories Ben shared about real people with real struggles in life.

It's a very wholesome book, indeed.

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