Zero Waste Home The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life

Review :

A lot of commenters that gave this book low review said that this book came across as pretentious and snobby to them, but I thought Johnson was very reasonable with how she presented this fountain of information that she has collected after years of experimenting and living this alternative lifestyle. She understandably states that this lifestyle is most likely a gradual incorporation and people can do what is possible in their own time and depending on their means and their communities offerings.

While there is a definite guilt factor that comes along with reading this book, I think it's equal parts inspiring. Personally, I'm not going to make myself crazy getting rid of everything in my life that creates trash right away, but I am inspired to focus on incorporating more reusable items in my daily life (metal water bottle, stainless steel or bamboo straw, cloth napkins, tote bags, travel bamboo utensils, bamboo toothbrush, etc.). I am fortunate to live in a city that has committed to being "zero waste" so composting is extremely easy for me. Luckily, my city also has an amazing bulk store, so going waste free in the food area would be pretty easy for me and therefore an attractive option. Obviously that isn't going to be the case in many places, but I'm glad I'm aware of this option now.

In the end, I'm grateful for the unique knowledge that Johnson has collected over the years of living this lifestyle and has now shared with her readers. She covers A LOT of aspects of "zero waste" living and even though I won't use it all (don't currently have kids or a dog) I still found it creative and therefore interesting. I am coming away with a lot of helpful tips from this book so I'm giving it 5 stars. :)

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